Top 5 – Beaches

Bora Bora selfie

Don't you just love going to the beach with your kids? They can spend the day building sand castles, and getting water from the sea, playing beach tennis. And when they're older they just love baking in the sun listening to their music. If you're lucky they'll read a good book or do all kinds of water sports like sailing, scuba diving, snorkling or (wind)surfing. 

Our kids have always loved the beach. And even though we are not the kind of family that would spend our entire vacation in a resort on the beach, we do welcome a few days catching some rays and relaxing while reading a book or playing with the kids. For me personally nothing beats a jump in the salty ocean. It just feels amazing to have that salt on your skin.

I've made a top five of the best beaches we've been with the kids. And believe me it has been very difficult to choose. There are just so many beautiful beaches all over the world for different reasons. We prefer the nice white sandy ones, you'll sure notice that in our choice. So here it goes:

1. Motu Tapu - Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Let me start by saying that Bora Bora in itself and ALL the beaches are amazing! The water is clear and the sea is blue. And the wildlife surrounding you is unreal. But this beach, which is a private island owned by the Conrad Bora Bora certainly beat many of the beaches as it is so totally unspoiled. We spent the afternoon with just a snorkel, a sandwich and some coconut water fresh from the tree. And we didn't need anything else in the world.

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Deserted and unspoiled

2. Stokes Bay - Kangaroo Island, Australia

The secret passage to Stokes Bay

I really don't understand why not more people decide to visit Kangaroo Island in Australia. It's just such an amazing place. About half of the island is national reserve. The island is full of Eucalyptus trees and of course Kangaroos. Next to that it also has some beautiful beaches. And very  secluded as well. We visited a couple, but the best to visit with kids is Stokes Bay. You have to walk through a "secret" passage between the rocks to get to the beach. The water is shallow and warm and the sand soft and white. Do bring your drinks and snacks as there isn't anything to buy on the beach itself.

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3. Ramatuelle - France

The beach at Le Club 55

The best beaches of St. Tropez are located in Ramatuelle, a neighbouring village. Next to white sand and the clear water of the Mediterranean sea there as so many cool beach clubs. Teenagers love to do some celebrity spotting and if they like that, than the Club 55 is the place to be. It really is difficult in high season getting a reservation for lunch, especially for the 12 o'clock shift. But if you make your reservation well in advance, you might be able to get a nice spot. We always reserve a table in the sand, it's a bit on the outskirts of the restaurant, but with kids much more relaxed. When they're done eating they can go back to their sandcastle building, beach mattress or matelas like the french call it, or just go for a nice an refreshing swim, while you sip on your glass of rosé. We love the Côte d' Azur and Ramatuelle/St. Tropez is definitely one of our special spots in the world. 

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4. Blauw Baai - Curacao

Curacao has countless beautiful bays, with blue water and white sandy beaches. The water is warm year round and there always is a nice wind making it less hot than it actually is. As a little baby I used to visit Curacao every year with my parents. They loved the beach at the Hilton Hotel as it was one of the first hotels on the island and according to them they chose one of the nicest (and smallest to my opinion) bays. My personal favorite to visit while there with younger kids is Blauw Baai. There are some facilities for children and the water is calm and there is a relatively large beach. The parking is nearby and as it is a gated community beach, the area is safe. The more happening scene in Curacao is at Jan Thiel or Mambo beach, but they are also quite packed. So if you prefer a comfortable beach area with fewer people, Blauw Baai is the one to go to.

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Ready to see some fish

5. Byron Bay - Australia

I have long thought if I should include Byron Bay or not... as it's yet another beach in Australia, and there already is one in the top 5. But it was for us one of the best places to learn how to surf. The water was cooling and soft. And the vibe of the town is just fantastic. Organic coffeeshops, nice pubs for the parents to enjoy a beer after the day at the beach, while the kids play right on the beach across the street. However, beware of the shark alerts! Luckily the Australian coast guard is always looking out for them and protecting the beaches around the country.

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Byron Bay just had to be on this list!