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Don't you find it hard considering all the choices you have to select a great hotel to stay or good place to eat with your children?! And what do you do with the kids while there? You've just landed on the best site for inspiration on LUXURY and FUN family travel. Because if you find it here, it's good and fun too!

All of the hotels listed on the site are places you would love to stay without your children, only now that you have children you'll be able to stay there with them too.  In other words, the hotels are stylish, fun, cosy, unique, luxurious, or all of the above. AND they accept children and have lots of children's facilities available.

Some of the hotels are just really exceptional and deserve the "Travel in Style with Kids" label. The hotel gets the label if they have, in our opinion, really gone out of their way to make children and their parents, yeah you!, feel really welcome and is offering the majority of the facilities or services listed below (some for free, some against a fee). Look out for the "Travel in Style with Kids" labeled hotels on the site! Not all of the hotels have been granted the label but many of them have!

An overview of the "Travel in Style with Kids" collection can be found on the home page under the heading TRAVEL IN STYLE WITH KIDS HOTEL COLLECTION.

Facilities and services - "Travel in Style with Kids" label

Accept kids of all ages
Dedicated family check-in desk
Kids stay free with an adult in room (under 12 years old)
Connecting or family rooms

Offer a 50% discount on second room for kids

Crib / roll away bed available on request
Items to childproof your guest room

services, such as a stroller, bottle warmer, pacifier and diapers, available on request
Kids welcome gift or snacks
Kidsize bathrobes and slippers in room
Children's books, games and movies available on request
babysitting services on request
Special price for kids food (e.g. 50% discount on breakfast buffet)
Kids menu in restaurant

High chairs and other children's amenities available in restaurant (such as tableware and cutlery)
A (kids) pool
Teenage, Kids and/or Baby Club
Kids Spa

Kids Excursions

Kids sports lessons

nearby medical services

concierge recommending and/or arranging good children's activities in the city or surroundings of the hotel


The site is not only about hotels, but will provide you insight in great holiday destinations. To check out which destinations we've been and have written about go to DESTINATIONS/Countries or to the different CONTINENTS you are interested in and then select a country. The places we've visited per country are listed under the specific country header.

Under each country header you will find the following:

  • Manoir Hovey - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada

    Links to the visited cities;
  • Short general description of the country (About);
  • General tips when travelling to this country;
  • When to go;
  • The downloadable guide link (PDF);
  • (Sometimes) a sample itinerary.

Please see an example of a country post here: Cuba

Under each city header you will find the following:

  • Short description of the city;
  • Awesome things to do with kids;
  • Great place(s) to stay;
  • Great place(s) to eat.

Please see an example of a city post here: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

At the bottom of the homepage you will find a few headings with:

TOP 5, fun posts with nice top 5's!

EAT is a list of restaurants we had good food with the kids per city.

Under the header BUY, travel products are either reviewed or links are placed where to buy certain travel products.

Under DOWNLOADABLE GUIDES you'll find all the guides in alphabetical order that can be downloaded onto your tablet, phone or printed out, if you are just like me more the paper kind of type.

content & photos

All content here is written and photographed by us, Alex, husband and kids from Travel in Style with Kids. The posts are mine and the photos are ours. It’s all copyrighted. Please don’t use or repost anything elsewhere without asking me first!

Content is added on a regular basis. If you follow the Instagram or Facebook page, or subscribe to the Travel in Style with Kids newsletter, you will be informed regularly on new fun stories and recommendations from us on the website. I do not accept guests stories or posts, but on the Facebook page I have created a travel community for everyone to share their favourite family vacation spots and recommendations on stylish family trips. So please feel free and very welcome to share your experiences there for everyone to enjoy. And maybe you'll inspire us as well!!

important notice

And just a small reminder as I don't want to get into any trouble with you... This site is meant to be an inspiration for planning fun and luxury family vacations. It is not professional information it's fun information based on my and my family's opinion. It is intended to share with you my personal experience and information on good places to stay or eat and awesome things to do with you kids while visiting a country of city. It is not a full description of a city as the only things that are presented on this site are the things we did ourselves, liked and would recommend. For a full description of the destination always buy a professional travel guide or consult a travel agency.

And also please always check out the website of the place you are planning to visit for up to date information. Most of the links are included on the respective pages. We cannot be held responsible if the location you are planning to visit because you read about it on this site is not existing anymore, adults only now or not to your taste. Times or policies change and tastes are different. If however you find something that is inaccurate or non existent please let me know so I can adjust or delete it from the Travel in Style with Kids website. I will be very thankful.

For all of the trips we've made up to now (2017), we have paid ourselves. If in the future we will be invited I will only write about it if my family and I really liked it and are enthusiastic about it. So everything that is posted, listed and described here is really filtered by what we liked and is to our taste and standard. I can however not judge if that's your taste and standard as well.

Most important notice!

Just enjoy the site, be inspired and have lots of fun travelling with your kids!

"Take the kids, go places, make memories"
That's what "Travel in Style with Kids" is all about!